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In engaging with institutions’ authorities, students’ leaders and their followers are often driven by a desire for change in processes, a passion to innovate new ideas, and a mission to be a partner in building the citadel of learning. SLEDT is therefore harnessing these intrinsic qualities to foster goal-driven and development-focused campus engagement. In addition to the above, environmental degradation and global warming are common threat to humanity irrespective of status. Young people are however are at higher risk because our future is being endangered. The effects if left unchecked will negatively change our diets, lifestyle and well-being with over-all consequence on students’ academic performance, institution’s output and the national human resource development. With the large expanse of unused arable land across most Nigerian campuses, the daily need for food by Nigerian students, desire of every union to keep increasing IGR and the drastic depletion of our common heritage—the planet, students’ leaders are yet to maximize the resources available at their disposal and take responsibility for food need on Nigerian campuses, serene and green campus while boosting the Unions IGR. SLEDT 2020 is therefore awakening Nigerian Students’ Leaders to these realities to simultaneously achieve Green, Food Sufficient and Peaceful Campuses with Grand prize of All Expense Paid Trip to the Republic of Rwanda for the most convincing SUG. For us at SLEDT Nigeria however, the ULTIMATE PRIZE to be won is perpetual peace, improved students’ welfare and infrastructural developments across Nigerian campuses. And we are meticulously committed to engage Nigerian students in winning this prize.

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What is expected of Participants?

SLEDT 2020 Flyer
The participants must be the recognized leader of the students’ body their respective institution, with recommendation from the institution’s. Each team will comprise of the Students’ Union President and any other 2 leaders from the executive in which at least a FEMALE must be included, legislative or judicial arm of the Student Union.The incumbent president of the SUG as at May, 2019 is expected to showcase the achievements flow of the Union from May 2019 till date in a fifteen (15) minutes PowerPoint presentation format to meet our seven cardinal benchmarks: Vision, Continuity, Accountability, Agribusiness, Productivity, Peace and Sustainability

Why Your School Must Participate?

Enjoy peace on your campus with the training and exposure of your students’ leaders to Partners In Progress (PIP) strategies.  

Improve your Students’ Union productivity with our Benchmark Productivity cap.

Participate at SLEDT ’20 to benefits from our green campus projects courtesy of a Swizz Foundation.

Get your campus enlisted in the Nigeria’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) target as a Green Conscious Institution.

Let your Students’ Union Government stand a chance of being recognize as the Best Students’ Union Government in Nigeria and represents Nigeria at SLEDT Africa in the Republic of Rwanda.

Allow your students’ union president stand a chance of winning the Most Influential Students Union President in Nigeria award. 


 And lots more